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Hermeneutics or Himeneutics: Jesus In The Old Testament

October 29, 2019

On today's episode we continue with Typology Tuesday and a term Pastor Joe has coined, "Himeneutics". This is the study of finding typologies of Jesus through biblical accounts in the Old Testament.

The 7 Greek Words for Typology

1. Tupos (Strongs #5179)

2. Antitupon (Strongs #499)

3. Hypotyposis (Strongs #5296)

4. Hupodeigma (Strongs #5262)

5. Skia (Strongs #4639)

6. Parabole (Strongs #3850)

7. Semeion (Strongs #4592)

Two Part Teaching by Pastor Joe

"Typology 101-Part 1"

"Typology 101-Part 2"

Painting Referred to in the Show

“The Disciple” by Lyle Trimmer

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