The Good Fight Radio Show

Is The Gospel Coalition Promoting Witchcraft Through Frozen

February 24, 2020

On today's episode we discuss a recent article which appeared on The Gospel Coalition's website regarding the promotion of the movie Frozen 2 and how it supposedly points its viewers to God and the Gospel (no, that's not a misprint).

Source of article discussed in today’s show:

“’Into the Unknown’ and the Unknown God”
Joey Tomassoni, The Gospel Coalition, Feb 8, 2020

Podcast show we did on the movie Frozen 2:

“Disney’s ‘Frozen’ is Demonic”
The Good Fight Radio Show, Dec 19, 2019

Exposés on Led Zeppelin mentioned by Joe on the show:

“They Sold Their Souls: Stairway to Heaven”

“They Sold Their Souls: Led Zeppelin”

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